Hello and congratulations to all of my newly engaged friends out there!

If you’re just beginning your wedding planning journey, you likely have hundreds of thoughts swirling in your betrothed brains - “where do we have the wedding?” “what date should we choose?” “should we hire a wedding planner?” There are many decisions to make! If one of those decisions includes hiring a live band, I have some inside-the-industry insights that may be helpful to you!


Quality live entertainment is far more scarce than almost any other wedding service…


——>There are only a HANDFUL of experienced wedding bands in KC!

A great wedding band will be in high-demand and book up quickly. Consider that each band requires 5 - 10 of the most talented musicians in the area. It only takes a handful of bands to gobble up the best group of musicians that couples can hope for.

——> In contrast, KC is home to, perhaps, a couple hundred wedding venues!

In our great city, there is an extraordinarily large number of wedding venues (which I can’t seem to gather a final count for). If you do a Google search, “how many wedding venues are there in KC?”, you’ll get back a number of articles indicating there are upwards of 160 venues in operation. This is, by far, enough venues to accommodate the approximately 126 weddings that take place each Saturday in peak season.

Given the contrast in quantity of venues to bands, it would be my strong advice to reach out to the band you are interested in and compare its open dates to several venues you may be considering.

Consider saving money and getting the best performance out of your vendors….

—> Saturdays in May, June, September, October are the most popular wedding days!

As a band leader, I can tell you these months book up incredibly fast - sometimes up to 18 months in advance. It gives me great sadness to tell a couple, who very much wants us to play at their wedding, that we’re booked. We may get ten requests on the same date, of which we have to turn away eight. In contrast, we are generally slow on Saturdays in the months of Jan, Feb, and March, and many Fridays throughout the year.

—> Fridays and off-peak season dates can save you BIG BUCKS!

Think of what you could do with an extra $500 - $1500 in your wedding budget! I can’t speak for all of the vendors in KC, but I can tell you we give big discounts on Saturdays in Jan, Feb, March, and all of the Fridays throughout the year. You can expect the same service, care, and quality of performance, as you would on any peak Saturday of the year - but at a much lower rate.

——> The win-win….

Though we all try to get our best rest and give our 110 percent throughout the year, nothing beats a fresh-to-death group of musicians! In Jan, Feb, Mar, and on any given Friday, the musicians are going to be more rested than they would be on any other days.

So, consider getting yourself a fresh-to-death wedding band early, on a day when you won’t find yourself competing against 125 other couples, and at a rate that is lighter on your budget.

It would be my honor to give you the best performance and price you can ask for!


Amanda McNeal

Owner, Twice On Sunday